Tree Services

Maple Tree Surgery Ltd offer a variety of different tree services.

  • 24 Hour Call Outs / Emergency Work
  • Crown Lifting
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Thinning
  • T.P.O, Applications
  • Consultancy
  • Annual Growth Pruning
  • Pruning
  • Stump Grinding and Removal
  • Tree Planting





24 Hour Call Outs / Emergency Work

We aim to always respond in an emergency, whether it is snow clearance, gritting or tree work. Allways ready to get the job done


Crown Lifting

Lifting the crown is the removal of lower branches, or pruning parts of branches, from the bottom of the tree up to a specific height. This provides increased head clearance beneath the tree providing clearance for better access, and allows the tree to grow upwards

Crown Reductions

Reducing branches and limbs back to a strong growth point to allow healthy growth.

Crown Thinning 

Crown thinning is the removal of branches to increase light and air throughout the crown of a tree, measured as a percentage helping to avoid stress from wide spreading heavy branches and maintaining the trees natural form and structure.



We deal with many local authorities and always aim to have our TPO applications dealt with as soon as possible, we also offer free estimates, surveys and plans as well as tree reports and planting lists. We have a wide knowledge of our subject matter and can provide advice when required.



This is the removal of dead, diseased, damaged or crossing branches back to the healthy wood.

Annual Growth Pruning

Regular hedge cutting work taken back to previous points


Remidal Pruning

Even healthy trees may need pruning. Thinning out the branches and cutting back to growth points allows more light to reach the remaining branches and will result in longer term health benefits for trees.


Stump Grinding and Removal

After a tree is felled, the stump is left just above ground level. The stump can then be removed by grinding. This process involved using a grinding machine to shave the stump below ground to allow planting or turfing. we use a narrow access stump grinder getting through tight spaces isn’t a problem.