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Small, chopped pieces of dry wood, for starting the fire.






Kindling x3

Ideal for stocking up, our 3 pack of kindling is great value.





Log_Biscuits_4e5cfd749109e_180x180Log Rings (Biscuits)

Get warm twice with these logs perfect exercise when you process them! Full round and chunky, cut by chainsaw, ready to be split. Green or Partially seasoned sold by the cubic meter loose. We can cut them to order long or small.




Economy_Logs_5130e6dca90dc_180x180Economy Logs (softwood)

Cut, split and seasoned logs. This product will burn hot and fast. Sold by the tonne bag or cubic meter. Perfect on those mild nights or to get the stove hot quickly




Mixed_Hardwoods__4e1c8d3b7d4bc_180x180 Mixed firewood (for wood-burners)

Dry seasoned firewood for a wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves. Each log is approximately 4-5″ wide and 8-10″ long. Price is per tonne bag or cubic meter.




Cord Wood

Lengths of green hardwood between 0.5m and 2.5m long. At the moment hornbeam fell as part of a regeneration woodland thinning. Prices per cubic meter.





Play_Trees_4f33f21a45802Play Trees

For use in playgrounds. Price on application.





Premium_log_crat_5130de655f026_180x180Premium log crates (medium)

Oak and ask for an open fire or stove. These crates allow more air to get to the logs and are very useful as a log store




logcratelargePremium log crates (large)

Oak and ask for an open fire or stove. These crates allow more air to get to the logs.




economywoodEconomy Cord Wood

Lengths of softwood logs between 0.5 and 1.5m long. From fast growing trees that absorb a lot of carbon This product is ideal for wood burning stoves and will burn very fast but hot and is the wood that stoves were designed to burn.